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 Policies and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Policies and Guidelines   Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:51 pm

These all the rules of bearville best which users MUST follow:

No Scamming: We do not scam people here because it wrong. Any member that is found scamming ANYONE will be banned.
Members are not approved to be giving away codes, animal ids, SFS numbers, etc. For members safety we here at BVB ask that all trades be done in the open that way it can be monitered by admins, and that trades are only done in the trading section.

No Cursing: Please do not curse. There are young children on this site. Please do not curse just for attention, you will get our attention and be banned at the same time!

Spamming: Please no spamming. Spamming includes the following:

Just posting a smiley

Posting fdgdsfigu

Posting one word

Posting over and over again.

Mutiple Accounts: We do not allow mutiple accounts for members. Members are only allowed to have one account. We do ask that you and your family members get their own accounts. Never share your account with anyone, because if they break the rules while in your account, the admins here will get the idea that you did it and ban your account.

Please do not make suggestive usernames like "hacker", ect. BVB admins and mods have a right to ban any accounts with such names.

Please do not copy any ideas, pictures or anything from this site unless a admin gives you permission. Everything on this site is copyrighted so if you copy anything we have the right to take legal action.

Personal Info: Please do not post personal information like, phone numbers, street address, name. This is for your own good! Mods and Admins do not ask for personal info, be aware of any scammers!

No Flamming: This is when a user intentionally disrupts a thread by posting inaccurate, inflammatory, or hateful comments. This is usually done with the desire to get a heated reaction from other posters. Keep in mind that this is a family-oriented and kid-friendly site, and our forums are not meant for instigating arguments. Whereas members may have a difference in opinion, be sure to keep fighting to a minimum.

No advertising sites: Please do not advertise yours or anyone elses site. We do not want members doing this because we are not in charge of what the other site does and we cannot help you if you are scammed or you identy is stolen.

Impersonation of Other Members: Creating accounts that use similar, or existing, member names in order to slander existing members, or cause misconceptions towards another member, is not allowed. This behavior will quickly lead to being suspended from BVB

Impersonation of Special Bearville Friends: Creating accounts under the names of MaxineCEB, ChloeRocks, CyBearGuides, SheaMegale and posing as these special characters will quickly lead to being suspended from BVB.

Do Not Argue with Staff: Please do not argue with ANY of the staff because you won't win and you could also get banned for it.

What are mods? Mods are the admins in training. They are in charge of inforcing the rules of the forum.


Common Mistake: New members do these, you will only get a reminder for this.

Minor Mistake: This is a mild warning.

Warning: If you get three of these than you will have a account lock for whatever amount of days a admin thinks is needed.

After you come back to the site after Temporary Account Lock and yu do something wong,y ou will be banned. Depending on WHAT you did, BVB has a right to take legal action.

Don't talk about your religion. Since different people have different religions and have different views on them, it is best just to not say it to keep flame wars from starting.


BVB is not in charge for poperty lost, etc.
There are spies on BVB that moniter what happens on the side lines and you will get caught if you break any rules. BVB reserves the right to take legal action, depending on what you do.

The rules have been updated to cover new facts on usernames.

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Policies and Guidelines
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