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 What is The Bearville Best News Station

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PostSubject: What is The Bearville Best News Station   Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:40 pm

The BVB News Station is just like a real news station. It has video clips, stories, and more. A new video comes out every week on monday. On certain days there may be more than one news clip. This is very rare, but it still happens. The videos are listed by their date. If you want to watch a news video, than go to the news sectiopn and click the news clips tab. If you want to view a story only, than go to the news section and go to the news stories tab. All of the news is real news from build-a-bearville. Fake news stories are not posted. If you have more questions on the news station, pm a admin or ask a question in the question section.

Thank you!
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What is The Bearville Best News Station
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