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 Auction Rules

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PostSubject: Auction Rules   Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:41 am

1. You must be a member of BVB for 1 month before being able to Bid/Put up Auction.
2. You must have more than 200 posts.
3. You need more than 200 Bear Hugs before being able to Bid.
5. If you have been inactive for more than 30 days, you will lose your permission to Bidding/Putting up Auctions.

1. Follow the forum rules too.
2. Do not bid twice in a row. You may bid after someone else has bid.
3. You must have the amout of Bear Hugs in hand for the item you bidded on.
4. You must claim your item within 24 hours. If you do not, the item will go to the 2nd highest bidder.
5. Do NOT whine if you did not get the item and please be nice.
6. Please keep track of how many Bear Hugs you lost and at the end of the auction, PM a Mod/Admin how many you lost. The person who put up the Auction will get the amount of Bear Hugs you spent on their item.
7. You can bid for more than one Auction. But it will be harder to keep track of your Bear Hugs.

***I recomend you use a peice of paper to keep track of your Bear Hugs or "Calculator". It's one of your accesories that you have on your computer.***

Putting up Auction:
1. You must have the item you are putting up for auction.
2. You cannot bid on your own item.
3. You cannot change your mind and cancel the auction. If you really have to though, PM a Moderator/Admin.
4. Please make sure the start price is reasonable.
EX: A fountain necklace starting at 1,000 Bear Hugs No
EX: A fountain necklace starting at 10 Bear Hugs Very Happy
5. Please add the date it Starts and Ends.
6. If you can, add pictures of the items you are putting up for auction! That way, if people do not know what the item is, they can just look at the picture instead of taking their time and searching it up on Google and other websites.
7. When you get your Bear Hugs from the person who bid for your auction, please do not lie and say "I am supposed to get more than this!". We can see how many Bear Hugs the person lost and if we catch you lying, you will be banned for 2 day.

If you would like to Bid or put up an Auction, please reply saying,
"I _______, read the rules and promise to follow them."
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Auction Rules
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