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 Contest Rules

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PostSubject: Contest Rules   Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:26 pm

Contest Rules:

Contest Makers:

1. Please make the prize an item you have right now.

2. No changing the prize!

3. Make the contest not too easy but also not too hard.

4. You must make the Subject "_______ contest" or call it the name of your contest. EX: "Celebrity Lookalike"

5. No copying other peoples idea!!! Think of a new one Smile

6. You must have the Start date, end date, rules, and of course what you have to do for your contest.

7. If no one joins your contest, please don't whine. Contact an Admin if no one has entered your contest for 3 weeks so they can delete it.

8. Your contest cannot go on no longer than a week.

9. You cannot enter your own contest.

10. Make a new Topic with the winner of your contest and what time, den, and where you guys should meet so you can trade. Smile

11. Your prize can be an item from BABV or Bear Hugs! If you would like your prize to be Bear Hugs, please contact an Admin.

12. A admin must approve your contest before you can post.
You must pm a admin your contest details and a admin will start the post.
The host may pick the winner. A admin will keep the prize then give it to
the winner once the contest is over.


1. You may join more than one contest

2. Follow the rules contest rules or you will be disqualified!

3. Do NOT copy others please.

4. Be kind! If you lost, don't be rude to the winner. Just find another contest you can do.

5. You must accept your prize within 24 hours or the 2nd place winner will get it.

6. Do not complain about the prize or you will get nothing if you win.
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Contest Rules
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